General Consulting and Desktop support

General consulting and Desktop support includes –

Speed up a slow computer, Reconnect to the Internet, Remove viruses, Install printer and other accessories

Troubleshoot WiFi and router issues, Migrate data from one laptop to another, Secure an Android phone

Update, install, and uninstall software, Recover deleted files, Connect an Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Access your email, Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting, Malware Prevention, Antivirus & Spyware Removal, Security Patches

$100 per hour (minimum one hour)

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Tech Support

Managed IT Services, Cloud Backup Services, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Monitoring Services, Data Backup and Restoration, Firewall Services

Cybersecurity Services, Office 365/Email, Anti-Virus Protection

Business Intelligence, Remote Support, Networking Services

Communication Management, Distribution lists, Gmail, and more

Licensing, requesting software,

Scanning, video editing, photography  

Redirects, request a website, and more information

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Scope, Review, Develop, Analyze, Identify, Controls, Document ,Knowledge Transfer,

Remediation, and Engage

 Application Penetration Testing, Internal and External Network Penetration Testing, IoT Pen-testing

Risk Management
Cyber Security Due Diligence, Cyber Security Program Assessment, Cyber Risk Management Operation

Crown Jewels Assessment, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Modeling Security Service

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Strategic Future Planning will be recognized as the premier source for IT customer services and
solutions that fosters a technologically advanced community by leveraging teamwork,
technology, expert knowledge, professionalism, and the commitment to excellence. is committed to the values of :

• customer service

• mutual respect and trust

• teamwork

• ethics

• professionalism

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Cloud Services