Learn – IBM Cloud setup

Learn – IBM Cloud setup
July 24, 2022 No Comments ESXi,Uncategorized,VMware neudorfer

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I finally decided to set aside some time to get this site back up and running. After putting it in the Oracle Cloud Free tier, using this guide , I found out the hard was that it had a habit of shutting itself down. I was luckily able to build a new compute resource and attach the storage from the old one to recover my site. I’m currently working on a project to migrate our DCs into the IBM cloud so I thought that would be a great excuse to build there. This will give me some experience with the IBM interface before having to use it at work. 

The setup was simple and straight forward. I created an account, went to the catalogue, and chose a Virtual Server for Classic. It asked me to provide a public key, and it was off to the races. I was able to log in using my private key, ran updates, got docker, and the basics installed. After that I used a few setups I’ve ran before to get WordPress with an nginx proxy. After running docker-compose up -d, all my containers were up. I did the basic wordpress setup and then restored from the backup I had. All in all it went extremely smooth. My next steps will be to setup a centralized backup. I want to be able to deploy this VM again automatically. I think storing the build on git might be a way to go.

I also want to setup a separate resource for my database, learn how to link them, automate their deployments to scale. 

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