Cisco ASA syslogging to an ELK stack

Cisco ASA syslogging to an ELK stack

Along my search for the perfect monitoring setup I found a possible need to have a centralized ASA syslogging server. My choice was to use ELK at first. I found the below article to help me on that path but haven’t had a chance to spend time. The thought process that lead me away from this project went something like this. Cisco ASA syslogging ELK


I need a syslog server for an ASA

Well the elk stack loos cool and you’ve been wanting to try it out

Okay lets try that.

Well I need a cisco device to test now that elk is installed

Well I don’t have a phsyciall device but what about a virutal cisco device like the IOU

Spend two weeks finding the image file and get it setup

Start running out of space on my computer because of VM sizes

Start working on homelab project again so I can migrate VMs there

Two Months later. I should clean up my blog and clean up/finish post.

Find this post…… “Oh. whoops.”



Send Cisco ASA Syslogs to Elasticsearch Using Logstash

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