WDS/MDT Deployment for multi-client support

WDS/MDT Deployment for multi-client support

This is a project I will be working on over the next few weeks/months depending on how long it takes. It will be a place holder for links, commands, and tips that I may find useful along the way. At the end I will come back and format to provide better readability and establish a time line, steps taken, and problems that I ran into. Current steps are on hold waiting on hardware and approvals. To Give a basic overview of my end goal: I need an WDS/MDT setup that will provide quick and fresh deployments for multiple different clients.


Difficulties that have already been identified are that each client has a separate domain that isn’t available during deployment unless by vpn (script vpn connect and domain join?). We have also discussed that there are quite a wide variety of makes and models which we should be able to tackle with proper customsettings.ini as well as decent task sequences with a fail safe of a task sequence of very basic network drivers to push a base image. Then of course different program needs for each client which will be part of the task sequence with scripted quite installs.




  1. Determine Baseline installs for all clients
  2. Fresh server setup with WDS/MDT
  3. VM with gold image and base installs/patches
  4. Identify the different needs each client has
  5. Task sequence for each client
  6. Custom batch/powershell scripts to install needed programs or settings
  7. Script VPN connect and Domain join


Branding & Cuztomisation





Good read on Settings Priorities and choosing sites through cs.ini
Interesting talk about testing cs.ini without a full deploy

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