Docker and WordPress setup

Docker and WordPress setup

The initial reason for setting up this site was to give myself a chance to learn. Linux, docker, web administration, and to keep a log of things I’ve learned or want to learn. There are typically easier ways to get a WordPress site started. Such as building one on the WordPress site, installing it using the famous 5-minute installation, using Plesk to install and manage WordPress, using cPanel, and plenty of others. This direction gave me the opportunity to play with some toys though as well as challenge myself.


I spent a bit of time researching docker. Through the install I ending up going through quite a few different variations of containers and setups. I lost my first site due to trying to go back and mess with the install and get HTTPS working. That taught me a lesson of why a dev environment is important. This site will stay HTTP until I’ve had the chance to setup my home lab¬†and create that dev environment to work on it.


Running Docker:


Monitoring with Prometheus:


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