is a living resume, my way of keeping track of the things I have done. Things that I may have found fun, challenging, or just interesting enough to share. It is a WordPress blog to document my IT career and interests. I’ll be adding posts when I can but it’s more for my own records so don’t expect anything amazing.

“I have worked with Windows networking for years! I understand all the TCPs and IPs out there. We created a personal cloud using the synergy from open standards found in Fortune 500 companies, and through the open source communities. Using the standard Dev Ops model, we were able to create a Windows Network, that was untraceable on the dark web, imperceptible to all the malicious softwares out there, and we enabled cloud logic that allowed us to scale up and out at a pace that rivals Facebook.
My knowledge on Windows Networking is YUGE. Ask anyone.”


– Someone on reddit once







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